Evaluations & Mock Tests/E-Mock Tests

The purpose of mock tests and online mock tests is to get candidates ready for the test and evaluation. Special attention will be paid to exam oriented assignments, assessments, tutorial sessions, and mock exams at Al-Ameen Academy for the benefit of applicants.

Al-Ameen Academy follows a 4-step evaluation strategy for aspirants to meet their requirements for passing the examinations

1. Assignments

According to their particular subjects, teachers provide various assignments to their students. These assignments are assessed using Al-unique Ameen’s evaluation criteria by a group of specialists and the teachers of each subject.

2. Quizzes

A team of Subject specialists conducts and grades daily MCQS tests that lasts for 30 to 40 minutes and are based on any optional or required subject. These tests are given online and on-campus.

3. Tutorial sessions

There are frequently tutorial sessions where one or more professors go over quizzes and assignments with specific students to assess their glitches and also what they must accomplish in order to pass the test.

4. Mock Tests

Mock exams are conducted every two months and are open to all students in the class. They are comprehensive exams meant to gauge candidates’ competence for the FPSC’s requirements. Online mock examinations are also conducted.
Al-Ameen’s primary goal is to help aspiring candidates be prepared to make a meaningful contribution to their country. We also adhere to precise criteria while evaluating the preparation’s quality. It is for the students to prepare themselves for the CSS Exam, as well as for the broader national cause.