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Al-Ameen Academy is Pakistan’s First Ever Competitive Preparation Scholarship Project. We are imparting affordable education for CSS/PMS and prepare future leadership from public and private sectors of Pakistan for Bureaucracy. It is our mission to ensure the dreams of our talented learners.

Our goal is to provide our remarkable educational experience that comes up to your expectations and prepares you for success in your chosen career while also providing opportunities for personal grooming and prosperity.

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Al-Ameen Academy is dedicated to actively searching out and thriving exquisite students, irrespective of their economic and social circumstances. Our network subsumes academic staff with various talents, backgrounds and cultures. We put together our students for an entire life of learning and equip them to steer and reform in Bureaucracy and their respective families and communities.
Learn more about the programs we offer, and find out a way to make an application to join us.

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Al-Ameen Academy Scholarships are now being accepted online and Physical for CSS/PMS 2023. It is the right time to submit your application for this scholarship. No application fees are needed. Al-Ameen Academy will provide you with all cultural, recreational, and academic facilities, in addition to a boy library equipped with the most up-to-date technology to serve the students.
In recent years, the Academy becomes one of the outstanding CSS/PMS institutions on the local and provincial levels.

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Al - Ameen Academy

Provincial Management Services (PMS)

Provincial Management Service (PMS) is a government service, just like CSS. On January 17, 2014,

Central Superior Services (CSS) Regular

Aspirants from all over Pakistan can enrol in the CSS regular programme,

Central Superior Services (CSS)

Every year the Federal public service commission (FPSC) Pakistan conducts the CSS

Central Superior Services (CSS) Super Class

CSS Super Class with its discussion-based learning technique and demanding curriculum, is

Our Facilities


The Al-Ameen Academy has ample provisions for hostel accommodation. Many aspects of the life in hostel are managed by the students themselves such as the boarding arrangements.


Al-Ameen Academy additionally presents snug and cheap on-campus accommodation facilities to its students. There are completely supplied hostels with dining and miscellaneous facilities


Al-Ameen Academy has associate elaborate and well-organized transport system to satisfy the necessities of students, faculty and workers.

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Al-Ameen Academy is highly concerned about its faculty and does not compromise on the teaching staff so that the future of students should be in safe hands. Our faculty consists of experienced subject specialists along with qualified CSPs and Bureaucrats.

To open new horizons in the field of CSS/PMS, we also arrange special lectures from serving and retired Technocrats, Judges, Bureaucrats, and Research Analysts as well as Policymakers.

Al-Ameen fundamental ambition is to nurture and groom younger fertile brains thru experiential learning. Sustaining this management for the subsequent three decades and beyond requires futuristic thinking, tremendous making plans and staying applicable in a swiftly evolving CSS/PMS Exams.

What Students Say



I studied Compulsory subjects and, it is one of the best courses in the Al-Ameen Academy.  The course materials were very complete and well structured. Lecture presentations were also well organised and presented, which helped me to learn new things faster. Studying in a Al-Ameen Academy is not that difficult, if you work hard. I tried to be efficient, both with my studies and with other activities.

Anam Wajeeha

PMS Officer

All the units like CSS/PMS and One Paper, I have done so far, and the content has been relevant and up to date. The way they are presented and taught can differ, as each lecturer has a different style. So my experience with Al-Ameen Academy itself has been a good one: campus (visited for exams and group assignments): clean, easy to navigate and has plenty of life. Online: easy, convenient and flexible, the *main* reason I chose Al-Ameen, as I work full time.

Hadia Mukhtar

PMS Officer

I started my CSS journey with Al-Ameen Academy and I was a student with no prior knowledge about CSS but teachers at Al-Ameen helped me out and also available for personal counseling. In this way Academy made me capable of appearing in exams and I cleared the exams. You just go to Academy and they will welcome you open heartily.

Mohsin Iqbal

PMS Officer

I undertook CSS Course via distance and I’ve to say, the information provided (resources, lectures, speakers) are all up to date and are relevant to the Competitive Exams. I found the lecturers to be understanding, informative and most are quite passionate in their field.

Warda Ghazal

PMS Officer

Al-Ameen Academy was a pretty good experience for me. I joined there from AUG 2020-NOV 2020. I've enjoyed the course so far. I love seeing lecturers who are really enthusiastic regarding CSS even when it seems niche to the rest of us. Academy polished my skills through weekly and monthly test schedule and Alhamdulillah I have allocated in my desire group.

Qalb E Hussain

PMS Officer

Best- I got great counseling through the Al-Ameen Academy when I needed support, they got me signed up for counseling easily and it was great having someone to talk to when I needed to. I also love the Academy buildings and my course. Al-Ameen Academy helps candidate to express and refine their knowledge according to competitive exams.

Sana Nadeem

PMS Officer

First of all, I joined Al-Ameen Academy because they offered a combined preparation for CSS and PMS. On top of that Academy offered me scholarship.  I have enjoyed the teaching and assignments we have been given. The support I received was outstanding, especially from my dissertation teachers.

Sidra Sattar

PMS Officer



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