Merit Based Scholarship

Al-Ameen Academy attracts students from all strata of society, and ensures that qualifying students from underprivileged backgrounds are not turned away due to lack of financial resources. The Al-Ameen’s fully funded scholarship programme is one of the most robust and successful in the country. In […]

Need Base Scholarship

At the Al-Ameen Academy, need-based scholarships make sure that no student’s financial situation prevents them from continuing their studies. All entering students are eligible for the scholarships. Scholarship application forms are available at the financial assistance office, and aspiring students must submit the form within […]

Boys Hostel

The Al-Ameen Academy has ample provisions for hostel accommodation. Many aspects of the life in hostel are managed by the students themselves such as the boarding arrangements. The halls are provided with common rooms, canteens, prayer rooms, internet facility and other common utilities. The students […]

Central Superior Services (CSS) Regular

Aspirants from all over Pakistan can enrol in the CSS regular programme, which offers a thorough CSS-focused curriculum, a study schedule, and spotlight topics that help students widen their horizons. The hard working students from all around Pakistan continue to be drawn to our programme, which encourages […]

Central Superior Services (CSS) Super Class

CSS Super Class with its discussion-based learning technique and demanding curriculum, is dedicated to improving your capacity for critical thought and the development of analytical abilities necessary for competitive examinations. The class consists of the brightest brains in the nation who come together to learn […]

One Paper Preparation (MCQ’s)

Preparation and taking multiple choice exams demand for a specific approach that is very different from studying for a full length test. Instead of requiring students to generate a correct answer entirely from knowledge, multiple choice tests ask students to choose a correct answer among […]

What we offer?

90 Days Preparatory Course for PMS/PSC When the PMS and PSC exams are scheduled, Al-Ameen Academy offers preparation courses. This contains PSC Baluchistan, PSC Gilgit-Baltistan, PSC Azad Jammu and Kashmir, PMS Punjab, PMS Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PMS Sindh, and PSC Gilgit-Baltistan. The course is also finished […]