Suhail Warraich
Board of Governor
About Me

Suhail Warraich is a renowned figure on the horizons of Pakistan’s media industry. He is journalist, television host, and analyst. Every Saturday and Sunday on Geo News, “Ek Din Geo k Sath,” is Warraich’s most watched programme. He is an outspoken along with host Maria Memon on the conversation show “Meray Mutabiq”.


Mr. Warraich has a degree in English literature from the University of the Punjab. He has been involved with GEO TV since its inception and with Dunya Media Group. He is a popular interviewer on the GEO TV show Ek Din Geo k Sath, which focuses on the lifestyles of celebrities. Mr. Warraich is known for his direct and blunt questioning style and sarcastic speaking tone and humor. He also hosted a political talk show, Left Right, where people from the right and left would debate controversial topics. Mr. Warraich used to support the left on this TV show.


He used to take part in a show every Sunday called “Meray Mutabiq”, a self-righteous interview/talk show with TV journalists Hassan Nisar and Iftikhar Ahmed based on Warraich’s analytical views on current issues. Suhail Warraich is also an activist responsible for Amnesty International Pakistan’s Human Rights Project. He is dedicated to protecting the rights of Pakistani citizens. He is also author of two books “Ghaddar Kaun “and “Qatil Kaun”. In September 2020, his recent book titled “Yeh Company Nahin Chale Gi” was also published.