Boys Hostel

The Al-Ameen Academy has ample provisions for hostel accommodation. Many aspects of the life in hostel are managed by the students themselves such as the boarding arrangements. The halls are provided with common rooms, canteens, prayer rooms, internet facility and other common utilities. The students […]

Girls Hostel

Al-Ameen Academy additionally presents snug and cheap on-campus accommodation facilities to its students. There are completely supplied hostels with dining and miscellaneous facilities to allow college students to pursue their educational goals without common distractions of ordinary life. Likewise, the faculty and personnel are supplied […]


Al-Ameen Academy has associate elaborate and well-organized transport system to satisfy the necessities of students, faculty and workers. Special stress is on the environment-friendly transport system. Al-Ameen Academy conjointly has associate elaborate transport system for pick and drop of students, personnel and employees from all […]